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We don’t want it to happen

Hey everyone.

Tis’ been a really long time since I blogged on here. I have blogged a couple times on Medium’s platform but I’ll just say that’s my more secular general blog. Work is going well, been working at the Lake Union Conference full time since January (was part time before that). I’m in communications so yeah, we’re suppose to communicate and stuff like that.

Anyways, the reason I’m blogging today is because I’ve been contemplating something for awhile and this time of year seemed appropriate for the topic. The second coming of Christ. It’s Biblical. It’s gonna happen. Jesus is coming back soon. Yes, yeah, of course. That is known and everyone “embraces” that fact. You hear prayers like “…and please come back soon—this world is getting worse and worse…”

Now let me toss some things in the thought gears. If that is indeed true that Jesus is coming back and we actually really truly want him to come back… Why are some individuals worried about voting because that will bring in laws restricting religious freedom? Yeah the reeeeliiigiiiooousss RIGGGGHT could bring in the Sunday law, but so could anyone else in power. And if the former does, why are we afraid to vote for them? The sooner Jesus comes back the better right? No? Oh why not? (my guess is that we like the comfort of no persecution, because that’s between us and the Second Coming)

Next point, why do we still invest in assets and stuff n’ things? If we really believed Jesus was coming soon wouldn’t we like be on a mission to spread the gospel? Or is that too far out there? I’m getting to the point in life where people are like, you should start saving up for a house and I’m like… a house? But why? I don’t want to own a house… that’s way too fixed and comfortable. And then there’s a struggle in my mind is it a lack of faith to do this or a lack of faith to do that.

I’m trying to look through everything when it comes to stuff and things through the light of a) persecution is coming b) money isn’t going to do a lot of good for us very shortly c) if it’s time consumption that does no one any good (even in good activities/collections etc) is it worth investing time in d) that goes for books, music, movies, literature, videos, food, hobbies, *insert whatever else here* (I don’t know if that sentence worked but you get the point[moving on]).

What if the Bible were banned next year because it’s too controversial. What if certain groups labeled parts of it as hate stuffs and new edited versions of the Bible came out that were “approved”?

What if the church split? Get ready for that one.

What about the Bible talking about people during persecution being on their own because their family left them on their own? It’s happened in the past. History repeats you know. Is your faith strong enough to stand if your family and best friends completely left you on your own?

What if… just what if—we only had a year of two until our probation closes for eternity. God is up there now making decisions and thankfully Jesus is our intercessor. But when He sets everything down, sits back, stands up and walks out. It’s over. And no one here on earth will know that he stood up, just like no one here on earth noticed that he entered the sanctuary back in 1844, on the day that nothing happened here on earth. With our intercessor being gone, have mercy, whatever we were doing right along… we’ll still be doing. So if it was just… justice will continue, if it was righteous that will continue, if it was a problem/bad/sinful/unrighteousness that will just keep on flowing as usual.

So what’s being written in the record book currently about you? Mine’s pretty bad, honestly, but I believe and know that there is hope. Through Jesus we have that choice to make every day. Praise God for His kindness and mercy.

I’m still trying to figure out why no one really wants Jesus to come back. It’s like we’re all sleeping. I know I have been. It’s like we’re happy with how life is going. I know that’s been me. But it’s probably a really good time to destroy that snooze button and wake up. Folks we have a long way to go but don’t give up your faith, hope or love. Truth wins in the end. Stay strong.

It may be a long time until I blog again. It might not be. I may never blog again. I can’t see the future. I don’t know if I will live past any specific day… but I know I had today. Did I use it to His glory? Oh… and one other thing… I know my Redeemer lives… and guess what?!

He’s coming back! Extremely. Soon.

Bro Love,



3 responses

  1. Lord, give us the grace to WANT it to happen!

    October 24, 2014 at 5:34 am

  2. Gerry Buck

    Well said. I know I need to awake from my lethargy.
    Could it be, perhaps, we give lip service to His return, but secretly, we hope He doesn’t because we are having so grand a time here and don’t WANT to relinquish our hold of this life?
    Just a wonder about.

    October 24, 2014 at 6:40 am

  3. Jeffrey Cordone

    Ditto Helenene!

    October 24, 2014 at 4:16 pm

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